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Thank you for your incredibly generous and humbling words of feedback. I love you all.

Shell is incredibly welcoming and she has a way of creating a sense of comfort, inclusion, acceptance, and care in all of her classes. She has a lot of knowledge about modifying postures for different bodies and how to break things down for the beginner to really develop a strong foundation for their practice. Her reverence for yoga is genuine and has inspired me.  ~ NL


Shell has been an inspiration to my yoga practice. Her knowledge of yoga is deep and she continues to learn and expand that experience. She teaches from the heart and I am honoured to call her a friend. ~ TS


The Kirtan I attended with Shell and Anton was transformative. The effect that their music has on the mind and body is indescribable. I immediately felt welcome at their event as their kindness and authenticity radiated from them. I can't wait for the next time I get to attend. ~ KW


Being able to connect through Shell’s online classes has been so helpful for me during this difficult time. I remember often feeling the sense of deep relaxation after an evening yin class, and after class chatting with other yogis about how we all wish we had a teleport to our beds because we were so cozy and relaxed and ready to sleep ... well, taking the yin classes online from home takes away the need for a teleport! ~ NL


I enjoyed the philosophy classes. They helped to deepen my understanding of yoga in a way that was both accessible and piqued my interest for further study! Looking forward to future classes! ~ AS


Shell's classes and Kirtans have deep roots, she lives and breathes Bhakti yoga. And the classes are great for anyone, beginners or not! The kirtans are a special treat, full of love and beautiful music. ~ DS


Highly recommend Shell’s Yoga classes. She lives her Yoga and speaks from her experience. So good!! ~ SS


I attended my first Kirtan with Shell and Anton last month and it was truly transformative! I walked in feeling slightly anxious and sort of uncomfortable in my skin and within minutes felt so grounded and connected with my true self and those around me. Can’t wait to attend again in a couple weeks! ~ KR


I first went to one of Shell’s yoga classes in 2015 and since then she has been a favourite yoga teacher of mine. I really appreciate how she incorporates the different limbs of yoga in her classes, in a very down-to-earth and accessible way. ~ NL


Amazing experience! Shell Andrea has a lovely style and takes you to a different world (with kirtan). - CTB

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