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Class Descriptions

Shell’s teachings are suitable for all levels including beginners. Shell hosts regular weekly classes out of her St. Vital Home Studio and is also available for private bookings including one-on-one sessions, workplace mental health talks and group yoga party bookings.

Chair Yoga Class

Movement + Meditation for Seniors

Shell is available to visit your facility to provide 30 - 45 minute chair classes which emphasize joint mobilization, safe and slow movements, gentle exercise and relaxation techniques. Geared specifically for seniors and those with lower mobility, these classes are accessible to all levels. Participants are given lots of options and adaptations, and are encouraged to move and breathe to their own capacity and range of motion. Many proclaim a sense of calmness and feeling uplifted after class. 

Slow Hatha Flow 2.jpg

Gentle Yoga

A slow and accessible moving posture class to mobilize joints, and strengthen and stretch the body to leave you feeling lighter and relaxed. Shell’s guidance helps you explore your body’s alignment through a variety of standing, seated and lying down poses, as well as breathing and meditation techniques. Poses are adapted to sitting on a chair when required and many modifications are offered to help you connect deeply with your body, mind and spirit.

Yin Yoga

Supported postures, all low to the ground, long holds, deep stretches for fascia and meditative breaths that make you feel rested, relaxed and like you just had a massage. While Yin Yoga can still be a challenging practice, it is a great way to unwind from a stressful day, calm the mind, and help you sleep.

This style is often combined with other styles of Asana, for example "Restorative Yin" includes a mix of Restorative Poses (see next). 

Restorative Yin.jpg

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga involves shapes that are fully supported with props so that no effort is required to hold them. As a society we are chronically busy, wound up and unrelaxed. This style of yoga is designed to directly affect your central nervous system and helps you relax, reduce anxiety and slow down. Many practitioners experience clarity and increased energy by weaving Restorative Yoga into their regular practice.



Practice the art of breathing to move your energy and increase lung capacity. Learn about the intricacies of "Prana" or life force energy, while increasing your vitality. The ability to work with our breath can change so much for our quality of life, physical health and mental health. This practice is beginner friendly - no experience necessary!


Private Yoga Class or Coaching

Sometimes it’s difficult to get what you want out of a group yoga class, especially when dealing with injury or chronic pain. When you take a private session with Shell, she tailors the class to your needs. In a private class you get to stop and ask Shell questions any time and slow down or speed up the process as you like. Many Yogis would simply prefer to be in person with Shell without a large group of people or as opposed to practicing online. It's also a great opportunity to access some Yogic lifestyle coaching and check in about specific practices and techniques you'd like to introduce into your daily routine.

Group of Yoga students learning together

Specialty Workshops

Shell also offers a variety of Yoga Philosophy Talks discussing the history of Yoga, what Yoga truly is meant for and how to live a Yogic lifestyle according to modern science and ancient scriptures.

Shell is passionate about sharing the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Bhakti Yoga Sutras, as well as offering fun events like Kirtan, Om Chanting Circles, and Meditation workshops. If you've read til now, you may also be interested in the Yoga Self Development and Teacher Training Program!

See the Calendar for current and upcoming classes and events!

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