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Yoga + Kirtan Merch

Elevate your style with a touch of spiritual essence through our exclusive collection of designs! Choose from a wide variety of shirt styles, bags, hats and more!

Love Freedom + Bliss

Inspired by Shell's teacher Prasad, the phrase "Love, Freedom + Bliss" refers to how we feel when we uncover our True Self and live in our True nature. When we know who we truly are, there is nothing but Love, Freedom and Bliss. 

Grab this amazing design with the Harmonium - the iconic Indian instrument that Shell plays during their transformative Kirtan sessions.

divine fem.jpg

The Divine Feminine

A beautiful tribute to the names of many Goddesses, this design reminds us to tap into our own feminine aspects such as love, contentment, wisdom, abundance, benevolence and more. In the centre of the design, the script for "Ma" meaning "mother", a connection to Mother Earth and all that nurtures us.

More Design Samples!

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