Yoga Self Development & Teacher Training

This 200 hour program is an opportunity for aspiring Yogis to gain all the tools they need to have a lifelong Yoga practice. Students can opt to complete some additional work and become certified Yoga teachers. Offered with a mixture of in person and some online teachings.

Yoga Teacher Training smiles

Students will complete the program with knowledge and practice of:

  • Yogic ways of living for a healthy mind and body

  • How energy works and moves through us

  • The art and science of breathing

  • Comprehensive understanding of different Yogic philosophies 

  • Mind management techniques such as concentration, meditation and mantra

  • Yoga’s cultural history, roots, basic Sanskrit terms and how to avoid misappropriation 

  • Accessible Asana(postures), including many modifications, safety precautions and functional anatomy and physiology


Walk the path to uncover your True Self!


Next Session 2022:

Dates & Details Coming Soon! Contact Shell for more information or to be placed on a contact list.