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Uncover Your True Self

Shell Andrea Ypga and Kirtan

Shell is a Yoga Educator in Winnipeg, MB, who believes that Yoga practice uncovers and reveals our True Self, which can only hold Love, Freedom and Bliss. She offers in-person and virtual teachings including Kirtan, Mental Health Talks, Yoga Philosophy Talks, Meditation Workshops, Mantra Yoga, and various Asana and Pranayama classes in various studios and workplaces including her home yoga studio in St. Vital.

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“It is my wish for each and every one of you to Uncover Your True Self.”

Shell Andréa


In 2004, Shell began her journey into teacher training with her first taste at leading and facilitating basic asana classes. In 2011, she had a major discovery and heart-opening with her first guide Sandra Sammartino when she realized that her path was meant to bring Yoga to students who need and deserve care and compassion.

Shell has immersed herself in the study of the history and roots of Yoga, both at home and abroad. Most importantly, she made two pilgrimages through India where she visited beautiful sacred historic temples and vibrant ashrams. Through enriching conversations with teachers, guides and local Yogis, she learned firsthand about the importance of Sangha (community) and traditional principles of Yoga dating back centuries. Shell’s goal through her Yoga travels and studies is to ensure that her practices and teachings are as accurate, authentic and honourable as possible.

Shell continues to deepen her studies of Yogic Philosophy with her teacher Shri Prasad Rangnekar from Yogaprasad Institute in India. Through his brilliant yet no-nonsense guidance and mentorship, particularly the understanding of scriptures, he shed light on the spiritual path and fine tuned her overall understanding of why we do Yoga and Yogic practices. These experiences have armed Shell with focus and clarity to live life fully.


Shell practices many Yogic modalities, including the technique of Kirtan (call and response mantra chanting) with groups of people who wish to celebrate life and love through music, mantra and meditation. She can be found playing her harmonium and chanting in-person at workshops, retreats, Yoga festivals and Yoga studios, as well as virtually through her livestream sessions and on her YouTube channel.

With over 1,500 hours of Yogic training recognized by the Yoga Alliance, Canadian Yoga Alliance and the Indian Yoga Association, and two decades of studying and teaching, her passion lies in sharing forms of Yoga in which all ages and abilities can participate. Shell is known for her light-hearted classes and workshops where she sprinkles a little joy and laughter to teach us the importance of being easy on and loving ourselves. She continues to learn from her beloved teachers, but more importantly, every day from her students and Sangha whom she holds dear to her heart. 


“It is my wish for each and every one of you to Uncover Your True Self.”

Shell Andréa 


"Shell is incredibly welcoming and she has a way of creating a sense of comfort, inclusion, acceptance, and care in all of her classes. She has a lot of knowledge about modifying postures for different bodies and how to break things down for the beginner to really develop a strong foundation for their practice. Her reverence for yoga is genuine and has inspired me." 

~ NL

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