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Uncover Your True Self

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Shell, a dedicated Yoga Educator based in Winnipeg, MB, passionately holds that the practice of Yoga unveils our authentic selves—a realm brimming with Love, Freedom, and Bliss. Her commitment to accessibility shines through, catering to people of all ages, especially older adults. Offering a diverse array of in-person and virtual sessions, her repertoire encompasses Teacher Trainings, Kirtan, illuminating Mental Health Talks, captivating Yoga Philosophy Discussions, soul-soothing Meditation Workshops, Mantra Yoga, as well as a variety of Asana and Pranayama classes. These transformative experiences unfold not only in multiple studios and workplaces but also within the welcoming embrace of her home yoga studio, "Shell Andrea Yoga + Kirtan" in St. Vital.

Shell in a Yoga Pose in India

Class Descriptions + Offerings

Shell playing her Harmonium

Kirtan + Mantra Meditation

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Schedule + Events

Shell in a Knee Hug Pose

Virtual Studio Membership

“It is my wish for each and every one of you to Uncover Your True Self.”

Shell Andréa

Shell bowing to an elephant that is blessing her with it's trunk in South India

🌟 A Transformative Beginning


In 1996 Shell's physical Yoga journey was initiated from a desire to seek relief from severe injuries and physical limitations due to many circumstances, including a major car accident. After 6 years of practicing, Shell's odyssey into the realm of teaching began. Guiding her initial steps were the foundations of her Asana practice, sparking a flame that would grow into a blazing passion. Fast forward to 2011, a pivotal year marked by a profound encounter with her mentor Sandra Sammartino. This poignant moment illuminated Shell's destined path—to bring the healing wisdom of Yoga to those yearning for care and empathy.

🌺 Nurtured by Wisdom

Shell's journey has been adorned with luminous mentors. Notable figures like Marion Mugs McConnell from SOYA and Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani from the Gitananda Yoga Tradition have graced her path. Yet, her quest for knowledge continues with Shri Prasad Rangnekar from Yogaprasad Institute in India. His insightful teachings have sculpted Shell's understanding of Yoga's essence, infusing purpose into every practice.

Hari Om Mantra, Anton and Shell with their Instruments

🎶 Harmonizing Through Music and Mantra

Dive into the harmonious world of Kirtan—a melody of call-and-response mantra chanting. Shell's harmonium resonates with the celebration of life, love, and meditation. With rhythmic enchantment, she leads these transformative sessions at retreats, workshops, Yoga festivals, and even virtually through her livestreams and YouTube channel.

🕌 Cultural Expeditions

Shell's voyage takes her across continents, delving into the roots and history of Yoga. Several pilgrimages through India granted her the privilege of exploring sacred temples and vibrant ashrams. Immersed in enriching dialogues with local Yogis and guides, she grasped the essence of community (Sangha) and the timeless tenets of Yoga. Her aspiration—to uphold the authenticity of practices and teachings.

🌄 A Radiant Legacy

With over 2,000 hours of certified Yogic training from esteemed teachers and bodies like the Yoga Alliance, Canadian Yoga Alliance, and the Indian Yoga Association, Shell's expertise has been refined. Her two decades of dedicated learning and teaching have culminated in an inspiring commitment to sharing Yoga's myriad forms with people of all ages and abilities.

Portrait of Shell in the sunshine at a South Indian Shiva Temple

🌈 A Joyful Approach

Step into Shell's classes and workshops to experience a harmonious blend of wisdom and laughter. Through her light-hearted guidance, she tenderly imparts the significance of self-love and compassion. Every lesson reflects her unwavering belief in the beauty of embracing life with a heart full of joy.

🤝 A Tapestry of Learning

While Shell draws wisdom from cherished mentors, her students and Sangha remain her ever-present teachers. Each day unfolds with lessons of connection and growth, nurtured by the community she holds dear.

Join Shell on this extraordinary expedition where Yoga becomes a tapestry of love, knowledge, and shared growth. Experience the magic of her teachings and embark on your own transformative journey.

"Shell is incredibly welcoming and she has a way of creating a sense of comfort, inclusion, acceptance, and care in all of her classes. She has a lot of knowledge about modifying postures for different bodies and how to break things down for the beginner to really develop a strong foundation for their practice. Her reverence for yoga is genuine and has inspired me." 

~ NL

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